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SWLF is powered by four writers, all working in different areas and with other jobs doing wonderful things, and all brought together by a desire to put the South Warwickshire Literary Festival on the map of lit fests. We are the under-dogs of the lit fest world, supporting those just starting out on their writing journey, giving a space and a voice to writers who may not otherwise get the chance. Whether you've just got agented, whether you're still trying, or perhaps you're self-published, we want to give you a platform to get your work out there. We also put together a team of workshop leaders to bring you the best opportunities to work with some great authors to encourage you and to improve your writing. We believe in Giving Back, that is - helping writers where we can by way of advice, experience, support, and opportunities. 

Jacci Gooding

Based in south Warwickshire, Jacci is a self-published fiction author and has also written non-fiction for magazines. She's won a prize here and there and has been commended in others. A member of the Society of Authors, she has a diploma in creative writing from Oxford University and is working on a novel.

Lynn Macwhinnie

Lynn is the author of Emotional Wisdom with Bach Flower Remedies which is published in five languages. She has studied creative writing at Warwick and Oxford uni’s and at Arvon. Alongside an abiding interest in spirituality, healing and the esoteric, she has had a few careers, lived and worked in different countries and travelled extensively. Her works-in-progress include a novel set in the outback and a non-fiction project.

Gwyneth Box

Award-winning poet, writer, translator and businesswoman, with a career spanning IT, teaching, design and publishing, Gwyneth specialises in copy writing and transcreation, particularly in the fields of lifestyle, travel and technology. She works with freelance creatives, businesses and educators on projects that draw together the threads of publishing, design, technology and training and has spent the last year collaborating with Spanish author and student of theology Lucía Moreno-Velo. The current tally of the project is three books of poetry and prayer, and uncountable hours of laughter. 

Jenefer Heap

Jenefer Heap writes modern fiction about life and love and has published two collections of short stories: The Woman Who Never Did, and Women in Shorts. Her alter ego, Jenny Heap, writes songs about poorly pythons for a younger audience. Last year Jenny ran a Creating Characters workshop for SWLF with Stratford author Terri Daneshyar. Jenny is also a great supporter of live lit evenings - or StandUp as they said in the olden days.

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