Start the day with a lively discussion on the merits - or not - of grammar, then immerse yourself in our workshops on how to build characters, life writing and fiction, and the art of flash fiction and short story writing. Snap open that laptop or rustle your paper and pen and get set to reap your harvest from these professional, free events. Booking essential.

*The church is wheelchair-accessible along a flat but slightly uphill path. There are two steps to enter.

*Guide dogs and other enabling dogs welcome.

*Warm clothing is advised as the church can get a little chilly!

*And whoopsadiddly - no toilets at the church - please use village hall conveniences.

Grammar: What's That All About? with Hugo Kerr

Hugo is a retired vet, so comes at literacy as a radical outsider which can be useful, practically productive and even fun. His talk Grammar: What’s that all about? will attempt to undermine belief in the need for, or point of, ‘grammar’, and in the common-sensical, everyday idea of language as a rule-based system. Using spelling and language as his evidence, Hugo will develop a much simpler, biologically elegant way to understand how we ‘do language’. This implies a fundamentally different approach to teaching literacy – which jostles another unnoticed, central conundrum; the usefulness (or otherwise) of consciousness in the classroom.

Workshop 2
Life Writing and Fiction with Cate West

Life Writing with author and writing coach Cate West. Stories and novels are informed by an author’s life experience. But how much should you take from life, and how much should you change it? This workshop will take life writing and memoir as a starting point to explore how you can use personal observations to create authentic fictional scenarios, with particular emphasis on the short story form. Writers in all genres are welcome, including complete beginners. There will be a practical element to this workshop. You will be invited to discuss how you might use the material you write during it, but there will be no compulsion to share your draft paragraphs – unless you want to, in which case we’d be delighted to hear them.
Workshop 1
Creating Compellling Characters with Jenefer Heap & Terri Daneshyar

Creating new characters for your writing can be a challenge. Are you looking for inspiration, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you already have a character, but you’re wondering how to bring them to life.
Join published writers Jenefer Heap (The Woman Who Never Did) and Terri Daneshyar (The Light Stone Series) in this fun, interactive workshop as they share their ideas on how to create interesting or quirky characters. Just bring your imagination and see who follows you home.
Workshop 3
Flash Fiction with Audrey Niven
This interactive writing workshop will look at some of the key building blocks of writing a very short story. We’ll use a simple story-creating game to come up with original characters and twists and then work on how to make that story sing. 
You’ll get the opportunity to experiment with different ways of bringing stories to life and will hopefully take away some inspiration and the motivation to write more flash fiction. 

The session is designed for any level of experience, so come along – everyone is welcome. 

Audrey’s flash fiction has appeared in the Bath Flash Fiction Anthologies 2020 and 2021, National Flash Fiction Day Anthologies 2021 and 2022 as well as Lunate Fiction, Ellipsis Zine, Reflex Press, Twin Pies and Second Chance Lit. Her writing has has won prizes in flash, short story, novel, drama and stand-up comedy. She is currently working on a novel. @NivenAudrey


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