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About Us

little festival, big heart

SWLF is powered by six enthusiastic lovers of literature,

all working in different areas and with other jobs doing wonderful things,

all brought together by a desire to put the South Warwickshire Literary Festival

on the map of lit fests.


We are the under-dogs of the lit fest world, supporting those just starting out

on their writing journey giving a space and a voice to writers who

may not otherwise get the chance. Whether you've just got agented, whether you're still trying,

or perhaps you're self-published, we want to give you a platform to get your work out there.

We put together a team of workshop leaders to bring you the best opportunities to work with

some great authors to encourage you and to improve your writing.

We believe in Giving Back,

that is 

helping writers where we can by way of 

advice, experience, support, and opportunities.

Pages of Book

Our Story

SWLF started in 2022 in the tiny village of Fenny Compton, South Warwickshire.

A thought that came out of Covid - how hard can it be to start a literary festival? - niggled and jiggled

until it could no longer be ignored. Phone calls were made and notes scribbled and with the help of authors Jenny Heap and Lynn Macwhinnie the festival came to be. We wanted to be affordable and accessible, with the idea that those who were already at the top let down the ladders to those on their way.


So on September 24th 2022, caution was thrown to the wind and we stepped in to the void.

And look - we're flying!

We keep our ticket prices affordable and don't pay our authors huge amounts.


It's all give and take, live and let live.


Working together. You get the picture.

Meet the Team

SWLF 2024 welcomes new team members

Gemma, Karen S, Karen A and Katie,

who have joined Jacci and Gwyneth to grow

and develop the festival.

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