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  • Gemma Callaghan

How to: Find what makes you tick

Writer and videographer Gemma Callaghan wants to know!

Do you consider yourself a writer? So many of us write, but we don’t actually call ourselves writers.  I didn’t for many years, thinking it was just a little hobby. But when’s the point in which we take ourselves seriously in our craft?  When we start a writing course?  When we win or enter a competition?  Or maybe when we get an agent or sell our first book.  

However you see yourself, at any step of the way, take pride in your work.  Writing is hard. Writing can be lonely and filled with rejections, but we must celebrate along the way.

There are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the writing world to, not only feel part of the writing sphere, but also make friends while hearing about new opportunities.


These are just a few ways to join in the writers world:


1) Join a writing group.  Most areas have local groups that you can join.  Some are online while some meet in person.

2) Writing competitions. Writing competitions provide a great way to hone your skills by working to a theme or word count. Find them online or in magazines such as Writing Magazine.

3) Go along to writing conferences or festivals. There are many across the country, some specialising in different genres or age groups.


4) Indulge yourself with a writing retreat. These can be therapeutic for intensive writing, while meeting like-minded people.

5) Join writing communities on social media, such as X (formally Twitter) and see what other writers are up to.


Whatever makes you tick, there are plenty of options to sink your teeth into and join the wonderful world of writing.

Photos: Unsplash


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