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  • Jacci Gooding

Welcome to Read It Forward

Hello, we are so glad you have found us. In a world seemingly full of festivals it is certainly hard to get yourself seen! SWLF is small, certainly in comparison to the big names out there, but it has a big heart and it's intentions are sincere. Set up by Jacci Gooding and run by a group of local volunteers who are all passionate about writing, books and literature and in helping the not very well known and the not yet started writers along the literary road.

This blog is very much part of the Festival offerings and contains


Keeping you up to date with all the Festival's news as we prepare for this year's event in September


Ideas, suggestions and friendly advice from those already in the literary world and from our festival friends.


Our very own "meet the author" series will introduce you to a range of writers and their experiences of being a writer today.

If you have any comments or ideas for posts you would like us to include please contact us at


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